So what's so great about upside down tomato growing? Oh nothing big, besides the fact that upside down tomatoes grow bigger and are easier to take care of. They don't have the same problems with insects that most tomatoes do. That's why growing tomatoes upside down is for serious gardeners!

Unique to upside down planters, you can grow much larger plants than the little patio types that will grow in an upright planter. The leafs are not stressed by hanging over the side of the planter like when you have the plant on a right-side up hanger, and the soil container is usually much larger so it will support a larger plant.

So how do you plant an upside down tomato? The same way your would normally plant a tomato but in an upside down planter!

Interested in learning more about upside down tomatoes or how to grow them? Then be sure to check out the related links below!

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