Growing Tomatoes Upside down is awesome! :D

 We've been growing our tomatoes upside-down for the past three years and really have fun growing them this way! We also grow tomatoes in the ground, and, by comparison, the ones in the upside-down buckets seem to have a little better yield than the same varieties grown in the ground. I attribute it to the fact that the branches have less stress while growing, and have better air circulation. Of course, you have to grow smaller varieties or ones that are suited for container growing, or the yields will be less.

Myths Debunked -- You can grow tomatoes upside down in any container meant to grow plants upside down. Yes, it's that simple. No, it doesn't make a big difference between the type of container you use. No, it doesn't matter much if it has bug retardant or not.

The only difference you might see between upside down tomato container when growing is that one might be sturdier than the other. For most, the big advantage of using a container that is already put together and won't fall apart is why most upside down growers just buy theirs.

Want to learn the reason why growing tomatoes upside down is better?

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